What We Do

Laguna ADU is a one-stop consultant — your right-hand — for the creation of an ADU on your property. We will help you manage your project from start to finish, in an expeditious manner. 

A common mistake homeowners make when deciding to build an ADU is to immediately begin looking for a contractor. Actually, there is a substantial amount of work that needs to take place prior to construction, and even before you can get an accurate quote from a contractor.

So how should a homeowner get started? Previously, a homeowner would need to hire an architect to investigate the possibility of building an ADU, with some conceptual designs. This could result in the homeowner spending thousands of dollars for the architect’s time, and still run the risk of not being able to build.

Laguna ADU streamlines and simplifies this process.

We will work with you to identify the perfect place (or 2) for your ADU or JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit) – whether it be within the existing footprint of your home, within your garage or carport, as an extension to your house on your first level or as a 2nd level (understanding that the entire project cannot exceed 16’ in height) – or as a stand -alone/build from the ground-up small unit, if you have ample space on your property to build it according to State and City guidelines. An interesting note: a homeowner can have both a JADU and other type of ADU, both, if there is room.

We will conduct initial and ongoing research to ensure your project is possible– and to confirm each step of the process is in compliance with laws and guidelines. Laguna ADU, LLC  provides an introduction to an Architect/Engineering professional to get your ADU plans ready for City permitting and construction. We only work with Architects who are very aware of the State and City guidelines regarding ADUs – who have already had experience building ADUs in Laguna Beach. We will contact Laguna architects to see who is available. If you choose to move forward, you will officially select that Architect and sign an Agreement with that Architect. We ONLY work with Laguna architects.

Laguna ADU will help you identify financing for your project. This is typically a cash out re-fi loan or home equity loan on your property. However, there may be a way for you to not increase your monthly mortgage payment if you were to consider a cash-out reverse mortgage (we have a great resource for those types of loans).

After working with you to perfect the layout and dimensions of your ADU  in accordance with the State and City’s requirements, the Architect will complete all the architectural plans. Next comes structural engineering work derived from the Architect, inclusive of various reports and required plans.  

Laguna ADU will introduce you to a Licensed Contractor who has successfully built residential homes in the City, and understands how the City “works”. If you would like to obtain a 2nd bid, we can introduce you to a 2nd Licensed Contractor. You will officially select the Licensed Contractor and sign an Agreement with that Licensed Contractor.

At project design and engineering specification completion, your ADU plans are submitted to the City. The Homeowner Advocate accompanies the Architect to the offices of the Approval Authority (e.g. City of Laguna Beach) to submit the application, architectural plans and engineering specifications for approval. If the application is complete, including meeting City building codes, the  Approval Authority must approve the project and obtain a Coastal Development Permit within 60 days, according to State Law. Once the approval is granted, you will receive your building permit (after appropriate fees are paid). Once the ADU is approved, the building permit can be obtained and the Licensed Contractor can begin construction. After all the construction is completed, the City will conduct a final inspection and issue the Certificate of Occupancy.

Laguna ADU is prepared to help you with questions from your neighbors and to also intervene with the City in the event a problem arises, throughout the process.

Laguna ADU will make sure your mailing address addition is filed with the City and Post Office, if needed.

If you would like to be introduced to a real estate agent to rent your property, Laguna ADU can provide that introduction at no cost.

Once the City signs off on your final completed project, Laguna ADU will introduce you to an attorney to file any legal documents that may be required to make your amended property “legal” with the new ADU. If it is a JADU, built within the existing walls of the house, the Attorney can file the deed restriction required by the City for you. (Remember, your home value increases in value with an ADU.)

Laguna ADU is available to: 

  • Help you decorate and outfit your unit if you choose to place it on the market for rent as a furnished unit, for a fee.
  • Assist you with renting your unit without a realtor:  Laguna ADU can help you prepare and place the print and online advertising for a fee.  Or, we can refer you to a licensed real estate agent in Laguna Beach who understands our market.
  • Identify an interior design resource, if you wish; no cost for referral.
  • Help you locate a landscape design resource; no cost for referral.